Sample Report

We have provided a Sample Report and suggest that you take a few minutes to view this report so that you will be familiar with our report format and can see the advantages of utilizing digital photos in the report.

Our reports are made available the following business day after the inspections are performed.  Click on the link below to view a sample report. After viewing, just click on the back blue back arrow at the top of your screen site to return to our Web Site.

Sample Report .pdf

When the inspection is completed, we will email the inspection report, radon report, and Infrared Inspection report (based on what was scheduled) by the next business day. If a Termite Inspection was ordered, we coordinated on your behalf with our affiliate to attend at the time of the inspection,  the results of their inspection will be reviewed on sight and the report emailed. If a Sewer Lateral Inspection was ordered, we coordinated on your behalf with one of our affiliates, hard copies of their reports will be provided on site and/or emailed.